Lumera: Targeted Phototherapy

A phototherapy breakthrough for dermatoses of the scalp and localised areas of the body. The Lumera System delivers exceptional comfort, ease of use, and performance.

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Lumera enables you to control precisely and safely UVB light delivered through a brush or beam.

  • Patented optics and proprietary lamp technology ensure clinically effective light in the therapeutic UVB band.

  • An integrated timer and output level dial, combined with a light meter, allow you to precisely control the duration and intensity of the treatment.

  • Lumera activates with the start-stop hand switch or remotely by foot pedal.

Lumera Brush

The Lumera Brush truly outshines all other phototherapy options by delivering UVB light directly to the difficult-to-treat scalp.

  • Leading-edge technology delivers energy through 55 fiberoptic filaments in a hairbrush pattern.

  • Light-conducting spheres at the end of each filament focus light directly on the scalp, bypassing the hair.

  • Scalp therapy with the Lumera Brush reduces unnecessary face, ear, and neck exposure.

Lumera Beam

The Lumera Beam localises the treatment to areas where hair is not a barrier.

  • Pinpoints phototherapy to small lesions for targeted exposure.

  • A variety of output patterns allows you to shape light precisely to affected areas.

  • Precision output profiles spare border areas from double exposure and treat lesional skin tissue without affecting non-involved skin areas.

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