UV Protective Eyewear

Eyewear that blocks all UVA and UVB energy is a must! Daavlin has a selection of glasses and goggles providing both patient and physician with superior eye protection.

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UV Blocking Glasses

Our Fitover style glasses can be worn over existing prescription glasses, while the regular design may be used if corrective eyewear is not worn. Both styles are available in a variety of colors to suit your patients tastes, enhancing compliance with your eye protection instructions.

These glasses offer excellent comfort as well as safety, and include carrying case. Also available are children’s sized eyewear.

  • UV Blocking Goggles
    Tightly fitting UV blocking goggles are a necessity when undergoing ultraviolet light treatment. There are three styles to choose from: Super Reds are lightweight and comfortable with a thin profile drawstring that minimizes tan lines.

  • Sperti Goggles
    Sperti Goggles have an adjustable noseband and head strap for fit and comfort while blocking UV. Green or amber lenses offer clear, undistorted vision.

  • Super Sunnies
    Super Sunnies are lightweight and comfortable with an elastic string for easy adjustment.

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