Slim Evolution II + Mixto Pro

Fractional Technology

Slim Evolution II CO2 laser system enhanced with MiXto Pro scanner technology is the most fully-developed platform available on the market for skin resurfacing, wrinkle and scar reduction. Lasering was the first company in the world to apply the fractional concept to a CO2 laser system with microspots non-sequentially distributed over the tissue following a Z algorithm based scan pattern.

MiXto Pro is a unique patented system that functions using CHOPPED CW emission guaranteeing uniform energy distribution across tissue delivering greater heat to the dermis over traditional short pulsed CO2 laser systems. MiXto Pro allows the operator to work in the widest operating range that varies from soft ablation (toning/tightening) to hard ablation (conventional skin resurfacing) going through countless intermediate steps so that all the patients needs and expectations can be satisfied. Slim Evolution II is a very versatile system with a complete range of accessories for use in numerous fields of surgery.

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Proprietary Algorithm

The MiXto Pro utilises a proprietary algorithm producing a unique Z scan pattern which provides the longest amount of time possible between adjacent spots while filling in a given square area of skin. This patented pattern allows maximum intra-operative cooling of surrounding tissue lowering risk of side effects while maximising patient comfort. The MiXto Pro is thus able to deposit more heat into tissue than competing technology yet allow practitioners to safely treat all skin types I – VI.

Advantages of Slim Evolution II

  • Best compromise between quality of result and length of downtime.

  • Greater collagen stimulation.

  • Shorter treatment time.

  • Lowest risk of side effects.

  • Maximum patient comfort during treatment.

  • Simplified post-care.

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