Slim Evolution + MiXto SX

Slim Evolution is the CO2 surgical laser that combines advanced technology with ease of use allowing the surgeon to always get the best effect of vaporization or coagulation on tissue in every application. Slim Evolution with its three operating modes: Continuous (CW), SuperPulse and Pulser is able to deliver controlled high-power performance for every treatment protocol.

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Safe & Powerful

  • SuperPulse, Pulser and CW operating modes offer adjustable thermal damage.

  • Sophisticated low tolerance control system guaranteeing high precision in the energy value delivered to the tissue.

Versatile & Intuitive

  • Compact and ergonomic design.

  • Touch-screen interface for ultimate ease of use.

  • Clear graphics with continuously visible main parameters.

  • Complete range of accessories for use in numerous fields of surgery.

Reliability & Comfort

  • The articulated arm has 7 joints allowing you to work in comfort and reach all areas of the body.

  • The reproducibility of performance makes the surgical act??simple with complete control of the vaporisation depth.

  • The MiXto SX uses patented CW CHOPPED and Z algorithm scanner technology.

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