Medical Studio Imaging Made Simple

From facial imaging to full body photography, Canfield???s IntelliStudio assures the razor sharp, repeatable, colour balanced imaging demanded in clinical applications.

Repeatable camera and patient positioning together with consistent, uniform lighting are essential for professional medical images. Nothing matches the Canfield IntelliStudio for fast and easy positioning to get the right view pre-op, and again to match it in the post-op session.

  • A dedicated photo studio, custom designed for your practice, makes consistent clinical quality photography fast and convenient.

  • Integrated ranging lights assure perfect camera-to-subject distance for every picture.

  • Add a laptop for tethered capture directly into your patient???s chart.

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IntelliStudio Features

Automatic Facial Recognition

Patient???s face is automatically recognised, setting camera height for quick and repeatable patient positioning.

Motorised Programmable Lift

Motorised programmable lift ensures repeatable camera positions and lighting for consistent, reproducible images, with an auto bodymap mode to quickly and automatically capture head to toe photos.??


A live video preview along with built-in positioning aids ensure reproducible subject positioning between time points.

Non-Polarised Lighting

Studio-quality lighting with proprietary Xenon flashes are calibrated and balanced for skin imaging to reveals skin features while maintaining aesthetics and reducing shadows.

Cross-Polarised Lighting

Cross-polarised lighting eliminates specular highlights and improves the ability to see skin features.

Video Capabilities

Video capture with LED lighting, including record, playback and zoom capabilities.

50MP Camera

50 megapixel DSLR camera maximises overview image quality, with auto-focus for consistent repeatable photos and motorised programmable zoom control.

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