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Marena Recovery offer exclusive, patented medical-grade compression garments to help the body heal faster and stronger. Our fabric, designs, and fit make a garment that outperforms the competition and delivers the best results. Preferred by patients 80% of the time over competitor brands.

The Healing Power of Compression

Medical research, since the 1970s, has shown that compression garments aid the body???s healing process from procedures that cause trauma to the body.

Marena Recovery offers exclusive, patented??medical-grade compression garments to help??the body heal faster and stronger.

The healing process after procedures that??cause trauma to the body, whether surgical or??minimally invasive, lasts an average 12 weeks??and has distinct stages.??Marena Recovery medical-grade compression??garments can help patients heal faster and??stronger during each stage.

We consider the??body???s healing process and how to maximise??comfort and compliance. Doctors can help their??patients optimise results by providing Marena??garments for all stages.

Marena Medical Benefits

  • Reduces Edema??(fluid build-up,??swelling)

  • Helps Reduce Pain

  • Reduces Bruising

  • Minimises Possible??Infections

  • Helps support the??skin during healing to??improve softness and??smoothness.

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